TikTok is never short of drama. The latest saga revolves around @BootyBri, a white TikTok creator whose latest attempts at shameless clickbait videos aimed at Black men may have landed her in some hot water.

Bri is a consistent TikToker with over 87,000 followers and almost 340,000 likes. Her videos usually include her kids, family and herself doing random voiceovers. But in September, Bri decided to get a little more personal with her followers.

She made a video asking all of her “sexy chocolate drops,” referring to Black men, to check in.

@bootybri1 Check in all you sexy chocolate drops 💧 🍫❤️ #bootybri #fyp #foryoupage❤️❤️ #fypシ #foryou #wheretheyat #chocolate #blackmen #welovethem #welikewhiteboystoo #comehere #comeoverherebigguy ♬ original sound – Bootybri_Official

In the video, the blonde flirtatiously looks at the camera, saying, “Good afternoon, Black men, check in. I’m BootyBri, and I got a lot of white girls looking for you.” She flicks her tongue at the camera, and by using the hashtag #blackmen, Bri ensured a lot of attention came her way and confirmed her obsession with Black men.

The comments were mixed. Some Black men welcomed Bri’s invitation while some declined the offer. Others waited to see how things would turn out, while there were a few that likened the entire scenario to Jordan Peele’s Get Out.

Since then, several of Bri’s TikTok videos were dedicated to emotionally engaging Black men and women. She began creating videos with titles such as “POV: When I’m his first snow bunny,” “When folks are upset you like chocolate men” and “When you like ‘their’ Black Kings.”

It didn’t take long before she showed just how twisted her obsession with Black people could get.