A white woman in Phoenix, Arizona, tried to tell a Native American woman to go back to her country and ended up receiving a reality check and slap in the face.

According to TMZ, the unidentified woman arrived at a gas station on Saturday and tried to flex her privilege on a younger woman of color at the counter. The video, posted to Twitter, starts in the middle of the argument.

Greg Conn, the man recording the video, confronts the white woman for telling the younger woman to "go back to her country," the New York Post reported.

The younger woman, identifying herself as Native American, told the older woman that "white people are not from this country." The grumpy middle-aged white woman then gets in the face of the man recording the video and tells him to leave.

"You do not come in here and use the 'F-word' and call me a 'b-i-t-c-h'," the white woman said while the man argues that he never said that. She continued to tell the man to leave while explaining that she was only cursing at the other woman. 

"This is going all over the internet," the man said. "You don't know who I am. You told her to go back to her country."

The racist woman proceeds to ask the other woman where she was born.

"Where were you born b***h? I was born in America," the Native American woman replied.

The white woman, still proving her ignorance and her inability to listen, tells the woman to go back to Mexico. As the argument escalates, the two women get in each other's faces before the white woman snatches the Native American woman's arm. That's when she receives a slap to the face and a reality check.

She then walked away in complete disbelieve.

"Oh my God," she said as she turned to the exit. "Oh my God."  

The humiliation continued for the white woman when the video went viral. 

There was no sight of anybody feeling sorry for the racist woman. 

While some white women have committed many unthinkable acts in recent weeks, the audacity to tell a Native American to go back to her country seems to be a new level.

Some could only wonder if the white woman ever paid attention in school. 

Other people pointed out how ignorant the white woman is.

According to TMZ, the convenience store has confirmed that the racist woman is now banned from all of its locations nationwide.