While we're celebrating Black History Month, the TODAY show on Monday aired a segment that revealed Queen Nefertiti… resembling a white woman.

Josh Gates, from the TV Show “Expedition Unknown,” appeared on the segment to reveal a reconstructed bust that he and his team made through high-tech imaging from exclusive access they had to the remains of Queen Nefertiti, King Tut's mother and a powerful Egyptian Pharoah, to make a forensic reconstruction. 

Sadly, upon Gates' reveal, there were a few glaring issues: Queen Nefertiti was presented with porcelain skin and pink lips.

Comedian and writer Awesomely Luvvie referred to the sculpture as "White Lady Gaga," which sounds about accurate because when the TODAY show revealed the caucasian version of Queen Nefertiti our response was: 

Meanwhile, users on Twitter had similar reactions:  

The TODAY Show's misrepresentation and utter disregard for black historical truth exemplifies why we must be voracious in narrating our own stories.