Terry Crews

More news from this weekend’s press junket for sports drama Draft Day. Cast member Terry Crews has expressed interest in starring in the upcoming Ghostbusters III movie that’s been long in development. 

Ivan Reitman, who directed Draft Day, also directed the previous Ghostbusters films and when asked about their other favorite Reitman movies, Crews pointed to the 1984 supernatural comedy:

“My favorite Ivan Reitman film is Ghostbusters. When I was a teenager that was the hottest movie ever. I’ve still got the soundtrack.”

He went on to laughingly mention that he was pursuing a role in the new movie: 

“I’m pitching myself for the remake. I know [Reitman’s] not going to direct it, but right now I just want to put it out there.” 

Reitman recently dropped out as director of the project in the wake of Ghostbusters co-writer Harold Ramis’ death. He decided instead to produce the film, which has seen two different writing teams over the past few years and has yet to secure a new director. 

The current version, written by Etan Cohen, is said to focus on a new group of characters, so if Crews got involved it’s unclear whether he would play ghostbuster Winston Zeddemore, the role originally played by Ernie Hudson, or an entirely new character. 

Shooting is projected to start in New York in early 2015. Bill Murray reportedly declined to star in the new film and no other cast members have been announced as yet. 

What actors do you see figuring into Ghostbusters III, and is Terry Crews on your list?