The View came back with a vengeance earlier this week as Whoopi Goldberg had to yell over the other The View panelists to send the show to its commercial break.

According to Decider, Sunny Hostin, Ana Navarro and guest co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin got into it when Griffin started talking about her work with the conservative group the Freedom Caucus.

The group was affected by gun violence when a shooter opened fire at a charity baseball game practice.

“I was working for members of the Freedom Caucus when the congressional shooting took place and it was bosses of mine who were targeted,” she said. “…I want to make sure that as we’re having these fundamental American conversations about what we want our country to be and who we should be, that we just make sure we’re keeping the temperature down [and] it doesn’t turn into harassment or intimidation.”

Hostin retorted that the Freedom Caucus "sort of injected some of that right-wing extremism into our country's politics."

Griffin did admit that the group has become something she doesn’t recognize in its Trump and post-Trump era, but Hostin continued to berate her for working for the group, citing the group’s members, including Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows. Hostin said that those people in particular “lit this flame that we’re seeing in our country.”

Griffin did admit that Meadows and Jordan "hold some significant amount of responsiblity" for what is happening in America, but she still backed the group's core mission, which she said is to keep tabs on controlling the country's budget, securing the country's borders, and reducing the deficit, "not tjhis vast, right-wing conspiracy."

Navarro, the other conservative voice, came out against Griffin’s support of the Freedom Caucus, calling it “a thorn on the side of people like Paul Ryan and John Boehner.” This led Griffin to turn on Navarro for always criticizing Ryan for being a board member at the Fox Corporation, the parent company for Fox News. Navarro said that she can criticize Ryan because they’re friends.

With all of the back-and-forth going on, Goldberg had to yell “Excuse me, ladies!” over the fray to get the commercial break in. As fans know, there’s never a dull moment on The View.

Watch the clip from Monday's episode below: