Millennials are the generation of go-getters. We are the generation that has had enough of the stagnant 9 to 5 corporate life and decided to venture out on our own. We’ve started businesses, moved to different countries and tested our limits, all while paying back student loans. Millennials are the new super-humans, fighting social injustices and standing up to corrupt systems, as well as outdated ideologies. However, our kryptonite and overall downfall starts with oversharing. We are making too loud moves.

What are moves


According to Urban Dictionary, moves are: having plans, goals and/or somewhere to go. 

Okay, so what do you mean by loud?

I am not referring to marijuana, so pump your breaks. Being loud refers to oversharing information before you even have a plan for execution.

Social media has, in a sense, increased the use of loud moves. We see certain people we follow constantly hyping up their next vacation out the country. Are they bragging, or just excited? No, they’re just making loud moves. Most often people who overshare their goals and or plans with the world, often times don’t carry it out. It’s much more gratifying to share you got the new job when no one even knew you were looking. Let there be a sense of mystery in your life. I know it’s hard since Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allow you to overshare your every move. But here’s some very simple advice:  DON'T. 

Make moves in silence.

Get your sh*t together first and actually plan out your goals and trips. So, before sharing that you’re going to Dubai, maybe you should actually get a group together and book it. I’ve come across a lot of people who share that they’re going to extravagant places, but as the travel date comes near, they don’t even end up going. Something always comes up.

"Hey fam, how was Dubai?"
"See, what had happened was …"


I've also come across those who share every job interview or potential raise. Please understand that everyone is not in your corner and may not want you to succeed. When you share to the world your potential new job, who’s to say someone isn’t hoping that you don’t get it. Silent haters are very real, so spare yourself the time and energy of sharing big projects and potential new opportunities until you execute them. Don’t miss out on your blessing simply because you want to brag before you even locked it in.

We all appreciate the encouragement from our friends and family. It’s OK to share some things with a chosen few, but don’t get too ahead of yourself. Most often when we overshare our goals, we believe that we are that much closer to obtaining it than we are. 


According to an entrepreneur named Derek Sivers, who recently gave a Ted Talk about the psychological effects of announcing your goals publicly, those who shared their goals publicly were less likely to obtain them. He presented research dating as far back as the 1920s to show why people who talked about their big plans (aka moves) often times didn’t achieve them.

I am all for having big goals and ideas, but your goals and ideas are for you, not the world — just yet. Let the world know once you’ve reached that goal. Let the world know once you’ve actually turned that idea into something tangible. Let the world know when you actually get that promotion, not about the potential promotion. Let the world know about your new job, not your back-to-back job interviews. 

Be great by all means, but stop making your moves so loud.