Here are 5 reasons companion travel is still the bee’s knees:

1. Let’s get this one out of the way: SAFETY.

There is, indeed, safety in numbers. Solo travel can be dangerous if you’re not street smart and cautious. It feels much safer walking unfamiliar streets with a travel companion. As a woman, I feel much safer with my male significant other in countries where lots of catcalling and physical grabbing occurs. NOTE: This is also my experience here in the U.S.

2. No one wants to believe they’ll be the person who gets sick abroad. But it happens.

On two recent trips, I had the displeasure of experiencing food poisoning. It happens at the most inopportune times, but, again, it happens. You’d like to believe you’ll come prepared with your laundry list of emergency kit items, but there’s nothing like having a person to hold your hair or your purse in the midst of an extreme bout of Montezuma’s revenge or after one-too-many libations.

3. Imagine this: The sun is hitting your face just right, but you also want to capture the breathtaking scenery behind you. Insert awkward selfie angle #1.

Then insert awkward selfie angle #2. Insert quest to find a person who looks like they won’t jet away with your pricey camera or camera phone. You find someone. They take ONE solitary photo. You take a look. It’s horrible. You give them half a smile as they give you a thumbs up. Ugh. With your companion, you would’ve not only had your personal, mini photo shoot, but he/she would also know your best angles and what lighting best complements your skin.

4. Someone will be there to either push you out of your comfort zone or make sure you’re getting all the way into your comfort zone.

If this is an adventure trip, it’s the perfect time to have someone holding your hand as you await your first zip across a zipline. On the flip side, it’s great to have someone who knows the purpose of your trip is to relax, so he/she makes sure you’re not emailing, tweeting, Instagramming or Snapchatting your life away when you should just be chillaxing.

5. You have someone to relive the amazing shared experience with.

Have you tried retelling a story and had to end with “Well, you had to be there?” AWKWARD. Your companion knows the story, and when you have the moments which remind you of “that one time in…,” your companion will know and you won’t have to utter a single word. You’ll crack up laughing together or you’ll smile at the memories made during the beautiful journey you shared together.

5b. ROMANCE. No need to go looking for love (or lust), because you’ve brought it with you.

So, which do you prefer: solo or companion travel?

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