Chandra Wilson may be a star of the hit Shonda Rhimes drama Grey’s Anatomy, but during the show’s first season, she wasn’t necessarily convinced that the show would take off. Wilson recently revealed that she kept her side job as a precaution for the show’s first season in case of a cancellation.

The actress talked about this in an interview with Mario Lopez during a recent appearance on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show.'

“As a working actor out there in New York, you’re used to having your bread and butter,” Wilson explained, adding that the money made from her side job was consistent. “My bread and butter was my job in the document-processing department at Banker’s Trust.” She adds that she was a “long-term temp” at the job and the shifts were flexible enough around her acting job.

She made the big bucks due to her versatile skill set acquired on the job.

She said, “because I was [an] operator back in the day. I knew how to do Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.”

Wilson played Dr. Miranda Bailey on the show for all 18 seasons thus far.

She’s also directed several episodes. By season 2, she realized it was time for her to leave the bank gig.

“When we got to season two, my supervisor said, ‘Will you stop calling and telling us that you’re not available ’cause we see you on TV,'” Wilson laughed, admitting that her bank employer had to “force me out.”

Wilson has also had guest roles on other popular shows, including Law & Order: SVU, The Sopranos, Sex, and the City, and more.