nullWhy indeed? There's a DVD website I regularly love to read, Jahnke's Electric Theater, which is devoted exclusively to films of the 1930's to the 1980's, that are not available on DVD in the U.S.; and yesterday, he made the point that Prince's phenomenal 1987 concert film Sign O' The Times, which he also directed, has never been available on DVD in the U.S.

Considered one of the greatest concert films ever made (and it is) the film got a very brief theatrical release in less than 250 theaters in November 1987, and yet still managed to gross $3 million dollars during its short run.

That's actually a pretty impressive sum when you consider what tickets prices were back then, and the small number of theaters the film played in. Imagine what it would have made if it had opened in more theaters.

However, for some reason, the film has never been available on DVD in this country, though it was released on DVD in Canada and several other foreign countries.

And what Jahnke's website doesn't say is, just last month, in May, the film was in fact released on blu-ray DVD in Austrailia. Yet nothing here. What gives? Is there a some sort of domestic music licensing problem perhaps?

Whatever the problem is, I wish they would fix it ASAP, because I would love to see this film again.