Phil Lawrence invites the world to come dance with him each and every Friday in the new CBS competition show, Come Dance With Me.

The renowned songwriter, record producer and entrepreneur is the new host of the series which provides an interesting spin on a dance competition show. It allows contestants to compete alongside their parents who aren’t well versed in the dance space.

“‘Come Dance With Me’ is unlike anything the world has ever seen in their lives, and I’ll put money on it.” Lawrence told Shadow and Act Unscripted in a recent interview.

“What is significantly different is that this is the first time you see contestants that are comprised of a parent and their child. Even more specifically, it is a parent who has no dance training. Someone who doesn’t dance,” he explained. “So you have this sort of dynamic shift of these professional kid dancers from the age of maybe eight to 15 who are now on stage with their parents, who have been supporting their dreams from the wings for many, many years.”

For Lawrence, the most rewarding part of this journey has been the role he’s played in helping families figure out how to shine in the spotlight, together.

“I think for me, being the sort of emotional support of the show, trying to find ways to just allow the families to shine, and giving them an opportunity to share their emotions in real-time with what they just experienced on the stage is the best part,” he explained. “I try to ask them poignant questions that may evoke something like that, you know. Maybe all of this is a little unexpected for them, but ultimately, for me, I just want to be their fan and their champion or support system, if you will.”

Lawrence, who is known for his impeccable songwriting in the music industry including work alongside Bruno Mars, is the recipient of eight Grammys and currently owns his own multimedia venture, CMNTY Culture. The company combines recorded, music, film, television and theater production in one space. His expertise in the entertainment industry offers him fresh insight as the host of Come Dance With Me.

“I’ve been fortunate to have had a long, sometimes successful, sometimes challenging career with a wealth of experiences. Many years ago, one of my first jobs was working as a host at Disney World,” Lawrence recalled. “This was many moons ago, but I got an opportunity to interview some of the greats back then including Chevy Chase and Oprah. As a teenager, I had my first hosting experience and so I think the seed was planted back then.”

“To now have this opportunity 20 years later, that is so unique and gives me an opportunity to play to the strengths that I have is a dream come true and so much fun,” he expressed.

While I’m on stage with Bruno, I’m sort of the hype man and a Master of Ceremonies trying to get the audience involved so it feels very natural for me to be in this position.

Watch Phil Lawrence on Come Dance With Me Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.