I'll admit it, when I viewed the ads for Chasing Destiny, Kelly Rowland's new docu-series on BET, I wasn't the least bit moved

"Really Kels," I thought, "So, we're really going to invoke the iconic girl group, Destiny's Child, as a prototype to resurrect the whole Making the Band-type talent/reality TV show and invest in characters for an entire season who will produce — at best — one charting single?" Well, I'm happy to report that I couldn't have been more wrong. After tuning in to the season premiere, I was all in! Chasing Destiny breaks the mold from the countless talent competitions that have preceded it. There are no dramatic elimination rounds, no arbitrary obstacle courses and no contrived characterizations. The contestants are real girls with real voices, real bodies and real personalities. The talent is undeniable, but it is this authentic cast that keeps me coming back every Tuesday night for my weekly dose of destiny:

Kelly Rowland 

In pursuit of her longtime mission of managing a girl group, Ms. Kelly assumes the role of coach, consultant and big sister, molding the girls to perfection while still maintaining their individuality. With her balance of compassion and firmness, Kelly's style is both relatable and endearing

Chasing Destiny
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Frank Gatson

With his extensive background as creative director for the likes of Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, TLC, EnVogue and Usher, Frank is the industry go-to guy for artist development. His razor sharp ability to spot, retrieve and polish hidden diamonds is second to none

Chasing Destiny
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The girls

These ladies are talented and every kind of beautiful. Their combined blend of personality, background and style are as nuanced as their unique vocal tones

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Photo: BET
Watch Chasing Destiny on BET, Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST as Kelly Rowland and Frank Gatson strive to bring harmony to the group in more ways than one

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