nullThough 20th Century Fox has not offically said anything, there are rumblings that they might postpone the release of their big summer comedy film Neighborhood Watch because of, what one would call, unfortunate timing; that being the Treyvon Martin shooting, which is still very much a very hot, intensely controversial issue.

The $60 million film, co-written by Seth Rogen and starring Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill, Vince Vaughn and British comedian and director Richard Ayoade in his American screen debut, is stlll, to date, scheduled to be released on July 27th. However there are rumors that if the Martin case drags on and continues to be a hot button issue during the summer, which it well most likely could be,  the studio might be forced to pull the film from release and wait until a later and much safer time.

Some film insiders argue that since the film is a comedy and that the the bad guys in the film turn out to be aliens intent on taking over the world, the studio will still go ahead and release the film as planned.

One thing for sure though is that they will most likely have to re-edit or come out with a completely new trailer to replace the old one below. In light of recent events, it's pretty creepy.