Will Smith

Continuing to expand his Overbrook Entertainment empire, Will Smith has reportedly teamed up with Black List writer Chad St. John to develop 2 new drama series for Cinemax and Fox.

The first is an hour-long drama titled Kingpin, which will center on a crafty mid-level drug runner who's trying to exit the business, but is forced back into it (via blackmail) by a dirty CIA agent with plans of his own – essentially, to make him a puppet kingpin.

The second is described as a cat-and-mouse drama, titled Watchlist, which will follow 2 ex-Special Ops pals who sacrifice themselves to come to the rescue of a 3r former teammate, who has been framed for a political assassination by powerful members of the CIA.

It's not yet public info as to whether Will Smith is just producing, or whether either of these shows is a starring vehicle for himself (likely not, given his jam-packe film slate; although anything's possible).

It's also not known whether any of the starring roles in both potential series, are written for black actors, or if they'll cast color-blindly, or if they already have specific actors in mind.

Stay tuned…