It was about a month ago when Tyler Perry announced a talent search contest via his YouTube channel where it was hosted, with the intent being to find the next big screen star!

The winner would get a walk-on role in a future Tyler Perry movie, and what happens after that, well, who knows. What's that saying about big things having small beginnings…? Gotta start somewhere. 

Plus, ya never know; he might like the winner enough, or something about the winner might mesmerize him, and he'll decide to give the winner an even plumper role in another film. This is after all a business about impressions and connections; the more you make the better.

Contestants were asked to submit an audition video of themselves doing what they do best; the pop 10 were announced on June 29th and Tyler Perry was then to select the winner from there and announce today.

Guess what? It's today! 

And the winner is, as the second image above states is… actress/singer/comedian Darmirra Brunson.

I couldn't find any info on exactly how many entries were received, but I imagine there were plenty. There were a total of over 2.6 million views of all the entries.

What's next for Darmirra? We'll have to wait to find out what movie she'll be appearing in.

In the meantime however, watch the audition tape that helped her win the contest. I'll admit that I laughed at the Whitney Houston/Wendy Wiilliams segment of the compilation. That was funny. SNL should give Ms Brunson a look.

Congrats Darmirra. I suppose we'll be watching to see what comes of this…

As an aside, I wonder if that young lady who spent $1500 on a billboard ad to get Tyler Perry's attention sent in an audition video for this contest…? I wonder if anything came of that at all.

Watch Darmirra below; and if you'd like to watch the other entries, click HERE.