Lavish pregnancy announcements and gender reveals have become incredibly sophisticated in recent years as parents try to set the right tone for their future child and celebrate bringing new life into the world.

But few can say they match the quality of Chasity Monroe, who announced that she and her husband were having a baby by recreating Beyoncé’s outstanding "Love On Top" performance at the 2011 MTV Awards.

"Over the years, I've been blessed with opportunities to experience a very fulfilling and varied career path. This is going to be the most important and challenging role that I have taken on to date. I hope that you will support me as I journey into this next endeavor," Monroe wrote as a prelude to their video. 

According to the video, the baby is due in September. 

The high-quality production featured Monroe and dozens of dancers performing "Love On Top" before Monroe's husband, Brian, comes out and hugs her from behind as the couple rubs her torso. 

According to Essence, the video was actually Brian's idea and the couple told the magazine that the song was played at their wedding.

Chasity originally wanted to simply take photos on a lawn but her husband teamed up with her sister to put the full-fledged "Love On Top" production together. 

Chasity said that she told her husband and sister that if they put everything together beforehand, she would learn the song and dance routine. 

She added that she wasn't sure the production would go forward until about a week before when her husband and sister made it clear that it was definitely happening. 

They hired multiple background dancers, a choreographer, hairstylist, make-up artists, videographer and an executive producer, in addition to renting out a theater to film it all. 

The couple had the good fortune of getting married in Curacao right before the COVID-19 pandemic in November 2019.

The two have split their time between New York City and Memphis for the last few years, according to Essence.

The original performance by Beyoncé caused a frenzy after opening up her blazer and rubbing her torso, indicating she was indeed pregnant with Blue Ivy