A woman who had no idea she was pregnant got the surprise of a lifetime when she gave birth at a Golden Corral in Little Rock, Arkansas. Tayvia Woodfork was only expecting to enjoy a meal with her mother and sister, but she didn’t even have a chance to order her food.

“I ain’t make it to the table,” she told KTLA 5.

She then rushed to the restaurant bathroom in pain. Woodfork’s mother, Tameka, thought her daughter was only having cramps as she saw her struggling. When Woodfork’s sister went to the bathroom a short time later to check on her sibling, she saw something she never expected.

“She said, ‘I ain’t never seen nothing like it. It’s a baby!’” Tameka told KTLA 5. “The baby was 6 pounds. It was a full baby.”

Woodfork described the pain of giving birth as “ten out of ten.” Upon leaving the bathroom after giving birth, she received applause from people in the restaurant.

“They were clapping when she came out on the stretcher,” Tameka said.

Golden Corral later gave a shoutout to Woodfork and her baby on Facebook.

“Please join us in welcoming Tamaar Kylon Corral Woodfork, who was so excited that his mother was dining at Golden Corral that he decided to join her!” the restaurant stated. “He was just born in our Golden Corral restaurant in North Little Rock, AR. His mom was so excited that she decided to include Corral in his legal name. Both mother and son are doing great, and we could not be happier! Welcome to the Golden Corral family Tamaar!”

The restaurant added that Tamaar is “the new record holder as the youngest fan of Golden Corral!”

“And don’t worry, we’ll make sure Mom is well taken care of with Golden Corral gift cards… while she’s taking care of you,” Golden Corral said in its Facebook post.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, about one out of 475 women don’t realize they’re pregnant until they’re about 20 weeks into their pregnancy.