Duane Patterson died following a fatal punch he received during his shift as a club bouncer on Christmas Eve. 

His family and friends revered the 61-year-old for being a kind-hearted man, and his classification as an organ donor allowed him to save the lives of others, including his sister. 

According to the New York Daily News, Patterson worked at Billymark’s West bar in New York City early on Christmas Eve. When a man reportedly attempted to enter the club after it closed, Patterson tried redirecting the man. However, their interaction escalated as the man became aggressive toward Patterson and punched him in the face, causing him to fall and his head to hit the pavement, resulting in Patterson having a cracked skull and suffering brain damage that put him in a coma. 

“On Christmas, they told me he was braindead,” Melissa Buchholz, Patterson’s widow, told the Daily News. 

Four days later, he died, and doctors removed his organs a week after the attack. 

“They couldn’t relieve the pressure,” she said, according to ABC-7. “He couldn’t come back to us. He couldn’t come out of the coma.”