The New Stereotype (TNS) highlights and celebrates the many diverse layers of black life in America through fashion, photography and film. With each installment, a different part of life is explored through the lens of fashion.

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Photo: Olushola Bashorun

The most recent installment, Bedazzled Crown (BC), is an ode to the old saying, “heavy is the head that wears the crown.” Shot in Washington, D.C. at National Mall, it includes photography by Olushola Bashorun and video direction by Davis Northern. Seven black women share a piece of their life journey and celebrate body diversity, sisterhood, entrepreneurship and beauty through the lens of fashion.

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Photo: Olushola Bashorun

The heavier the crown means there is a greater responsibility. Black women uphold their tenacity and valor, yet do it with poise and grace much like a queen is expected to rule over her thrown.

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Photo: Olushola Bashorun

You can find out additional details surrounding the previously released installments on the creator and project creative director Marquelle Turner’s website. With Roxanne Paul and Bree Wijnaar leading the charge as co-creative director, different heights, shapes and ideas of beauty were celebrated. And the melanin popped severely.  

See the pictures and watch the video to peek into how these queens keep their crowns and heads held high…

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Photo: Olushola Bashorun


Danielle Jackson

Bahgi Solomon

Kelly Augustine

Sankara Xasha Ture McCain

Brittany Wilson

Bree Wijnaar

Roxanne Paul

Creative Team:

Project Creator and Creative Director: Marquelle Turner-Gilchrist

Photographer: Olushola Bashorun

Video Director: Davis Northern

Co-Creative Director: Bree Wijnaar

Co-Creative Director: Roxanne Paul

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 2.20.02 PM
Photo: Olushola Bashorun

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