Back in June, I wrote about a terrifically funny and very
clever satire written, directed by and co-starring Kevin Willmont, titled Destination: Planet Negro!

As I said back then:

premise itself is very original: a group of black leaders, including even W.E.B
DuBois, during the 1930’s, gather together for a secret meeting to discuss the
“Negro Problem” in America.

decide that the only real solution is for black people to not only leave
America, but this planet altogether, and, with the help of George Washington
Carver, build a rocket ship to take an exploratory group to Mars, to check out
the possibility of such a bold undertaking.

as in all sci-fi movies, something goes wrong and the three explorers wind up
in present day America, to their befuddlement (For example in one scene, they
see a black man with sagging jeans below his posterior, and speculate that
black people in the future are so malnourished that their clothes are falling
off them. And when explained to them who President Obama is, the shock is too
great and one of them promptly passes out).

And let’s face it, we have all been in the situation that the three characters find themselves in the film, when we say to ourselves, under
our breath: “What in the hell is wrong with black people nowadays?


So I’m very happy to announced that the film will be
making its world premiere on Friday Aug.
and Tuesday Aug. 27 at the Black Harvest Film Festival, downtown Chicago, which is currently going on, for the entire
month of August.

Also Willmont and his two costars Tosin Morohunfola and Danielle
will be present at the Aug 23rd screening.

And a word to readers in the Chicago area, to be sure to
get your tickets ASAP because they have been selling like hotcakes.

Here’s the trailer: