Well, I won’t be unfortunately, because the world premiere will take place at the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

I know we’ve got a few readers in Amsterdam, so if you’re reading this, and you’ll be attending the screening tonight, email me ( with your thoughts, afterward; I’d love to be able to share some firsthand reactions to the film, which we’ve been following for at least a year now, since it was first announced.

After tonight’s premiere, starting on July 4, 2013, the film will open in movie theaters in the Netherlands; and on July 11, it’ll open in cinemas in Curacao and Aruba. I’m sure there are a few S&A readers in both island nations as well.

Tonight’s world premiere of the film will be attended by lead actors, Jeroen Krabbe, Derek de Lint and Henriette Tol

Tula, The Revolt, from Dutch director Jeroen Leinders, is based on a true story about a slave uprising on the island of Curacao, a Dutch colony in 1795, and the man called Tula, who stood up against his oppressors, and led the revolt that would last about a month. 

Danny Glover leads a pack of international actors that also includes Obi Abili, and Barry Hay

Obi Abili (a UK actor of Nigerian decent) stars in the film as the titular Tula, while Glover plays Shinishi, the elder of the group. 

The July 1, 2013 premiere coincides with the July 1 date 150 years ago, when slavery in the former Dutch colony was abolished on the island of Curacao (1863).

Inspire Pictures co-produced the film, which will be distributed by Benelux Film Distributors. No word on when it’ll play other territories – like the USA. Although I would assume it will. I’m sure it’ll be picked up by festivals in the USA – especially Diaspora festivals.

The film was shot last year in Curacao at actual locations where the real uprising occurred, giving an authenticity to it, which was important to the filmmakers. 

Altogether, the production budget of the film was $3.5 million.

Again, if you’re in Amsterdam, and you’ll be attending the screening, email me at with your thoughts after you see it!

Here’s the trailer again: