In Queen Bey’s visual epic
Lemonade, which dropped Saturday night, one line stood out to many BeyHivers:
Photo: tumblr

And the Hive was ready to fight for their queen

Everyone’s memories flashed back to the infamous elevator fight which was rumored to be about Jay cheating with Rachel Roy, designer and ex-wife to Dame Dash. The theory gained momentum when Rachel Roy posted this on instagram:
However lines of communication were crossed among the ranks of the Hive and stans started coming for celebrity chef Rachel Ray!

Her mentions were in shambles:

rachel ray

Wrong Becky!

Photo: twitter
Photo: twitter

Bless his heart...

rachel ray 4

Soon people learned

rachel ray 1

And so they started to back off

rachel ray 2

But they found the right Becky

And she's now resting under a lemonade stand

becky obit.

For real, online bullying is not OK. But the mixup was hilarious:

How Sway??

But the confusion birthed perfect jokes

But Rachael Ray carried on with her day

But there were a few more jokes to be had

Photo: twitter
Photo: twitter


Leaving us with this hilarious hypothetical situation

Get your vowels right Hive!

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