For our many readers across the pond…

After it makes its world premiere at the upcoming 2011 Venice Film Festival, Andrea Arnold’s adaptation of Emily Brontë’s classic and only novel, Wuthering Heights, which features the first black Heathcliff in the many times the literary work has been adapted for both the big and small screens, will open in the UK on November 11th.

The young British actor who is starring as Heathcliff in Andrea Arnold’s film is an unknown by the name of James Howson.

And, in the image above, we get our very first look at him in character.

By the way, the official synopsis for this adaptation of the novel reads: “A Yorkshire hill farmer on a visit to Liverpool finds a homeless boy on the streets. He takes him home to live as part of his family on the isolated Yorkshire moors where the boy forges an obsessive relationship with the farmer’s daughter.

Not-so unlike the original novel’s plot.

Looking forward to seeing a trailer or some footage of this. No word on a stateside debut, though I’m hoping it plays at the New York Film Festival in the fall, so I can check it out.