Reading a piece of The Hollywood Reporter that says the sequel to X-Men: First Class will begin principal photography in January 2013 to accomodate Jennifer Lawrence's shooting schedule for the Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire; apparently Fox wanted to begin production on First Class this fall, but there was a conflict with Lawrence's schedule, since Lionsgate also wanted to start shooting the Hunger Games sequel this fall (Lawrence stars in both films).

But that's not really of any concern to me; what I really want to know from you all – especially you comic book movie afficionados (a group I don't consider myself a member of) – is what black X-Men characters can we expect/should we expect/would you like to see in this sequel? We all know (those who saw the first one anyway) what happened to Edi Gathegi's Darwin; although there was some speculation by those who are intimately familiar with the X-Men universe, that Darwin really isn't gone forever, as many of us thought after seeing the first film, and that he just might return; after all, his superhero power is his ability to adapt to any situation.

Might he return? What other *black X-men* (and I realize how somewhat oxymoronic that term is given that, from what I understand, race isn't necessarily of any consideration in the X-Men universe) MIGHT we see introduced in the sequel? Or that you'd like to see introduced in the sequel? When does Storm enter the picture in the X-Men timeline? And who would you cast in those roles, should they be included in the sequel's lineup?

School me…!