Xscape‘s Tamika Scott wanted to shut down her sister LaTocha “Tocha” Scott and brother-in-law Rocky Bivens’ accusations that she was lying about them stealing money from her nearly a decade ago. 

The drama comes on the heels of the debut of SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&Ba six-part limited TV series sharing the process of two iconic R&B girl groups collaborating with hopes of going on tour together and giving their fans an epic show. The new reality show has become a hit on Sunday evenings, giving fans VIP access to what happened behind the scenes of the ’90s R&B favorites’ partnerships.

In the first episode, during a disagreement between sisters Tamika and Tocha, Tamika claimed her sister and Bivens stole $30,000 of hers from the royalty checks each member receives whenever a company uses Xscape‘s copyrighted music for a project. Tocha immediately denied the allegation and accused her of lying for the sake of a storyline in a recent interview with Fox Soul.


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Her husband recently appeared on gossip blogger Tasha K‘s YouTube show and said there was no possible way he could have taken his sister-in-law’s money.


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Tired of the couple saying she’s lying about the situation, Tamika posted on Instagram Wednesday that she’s uploaded the receipts in a video on her YouTube channel, TheRealTamikaScott, with a caption explaining why she had to go this route to clear her name.


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In an 18-minute juicy video titled “Just Some Of The Evidence…,” she told her side of the story. The 47-year-old starts the video by making it known that this is the only time she will discuss the topic, which she never planned on doing. The footage includes threatening text messages of extortion from an unknown number spewing lies about her and her other group members, Tameka “Tiny” Harris and Kandi Burruss, a recorded video of Tiny’s mom sharing the background of how Tamika learned about her stolen money, and purported paperwork Tocha and Bivens changed to deposit her checks. See the video below.

Neither Tocha nor Givens has responded to the video Tamika posted.