A reported hate crime has occurred on the West Coast, just north of where we recently reported on a rise in hate crimes targeting black people. It involves a police officer, but not in a police brutality context. This time, a private citizen is being charged with a hate crime against an officer.

Jimmy James, Jr., a white man, was in a fast food restaurant in Happy Valley, Oregon, when he was approached by a black Oregon State police sergeant. The sergeant found drug paraphernalia on his person, including heroin and needles, according to KOIN

In what could only be described as a very clear display of white privilege, James hurled racial and sexist slurs as well as threats toward the sergeant as she took him into custody.

James called her a "n*gger" and a "c*nt," then threatened to kill her by cutting off her head. The sergeant asked James if he was threatening her and he proclaimed, “Yes, I’m threatening you.”

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James has been charged with 2nd-degree intimidation — which is considered a hate crime in the state of Oregon — and harassment. He was already on parole for weapons charges, so he may also face a parole violation. James's court-appointed attorney has submitted a not-guilty plea on his behalf. 

According to Atlanta Black Star, James is currently being held on $40,000 bail.