Forget colorblindness, you may need your eyes checked for racism!

Cue in, LaZercism, brought to you by Lakeith Stanfield (Atlanta, Get Out) here to help you remove the hate from your eyes via laser treatment. The comedy sketch, brought to our attention by Comedy Hype, was written, directed and produced by Shaka King.

In the funny, yet poignant skit, Lakeith approaches his dichotomy of being a black man who is also recognizable. Chances are he could be recognized for his infamous roles… or, he could be seen as a black man “who may or may not have a gun.”

The snarky commentary is juxtaposed with various clips of real-life police brutality cases caught-on-camera offering a stunning look at our society. A dramatized re-account of the police officer who threw around and nailed the teenage girl under his knee at the pool party realized, wow, “it was actually 15-year-old girl.” “How can I do my job if I can’t see,” he muses. It even tackles the concept of self-hate via a black woman who doesn’t believe she’s worthy to become an astronaut.

As ridiculous as LaZercism may seem as a concept, it’s even more ridiculous that the happenings of today make it a necessary concept.

Check out the video and help support the fight against Racial Glaucoma!

LaZercism from Shaka King on Vimeo.