Signs that you might already be suffering from post-Obama depression

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| May 21 2016,

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Universal healthcare, increased employment rates and GDP growth aside, President Barack Obama is hands down the coolest president this nation has ever seen. The Obama legacy will be equally weighted between his accomplishments in office and the unprecedented swag factor that he has brought to the presidency. His quick wit and impeccable comedic timing, along with my sneaking suspicion that he personally consults Young Metro before trusting anyone, makes Obama the GOAT in my book.

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With his tenure coming to an end, I find myself struggling with the fact that Barack, Michelle, Sasha, Malia, Mrs. Robinson, Bo and Sunny will soon be leaving the residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

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I know I'm not alone. I see you all out here walking around in a haze and tweeting about your Obama survival plans in these streets. If you suspect that you or someone you love is suffering from early onset, post-Obama administration depression, here are a few tell-tale signs:


Are you pretending that we're not a mere six months away from electing a new commander in chief? If when asked about the current race, you respond, "I don't follow NASCAR or the Kentucky Derby," you're likely in the denial stage of the grief process. Unfortunately, your refusal to believe that the Obama reign is coming to an end will not stop it from happening

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Once you begin to acknowledge their impending exodus, you might find it nearly impossible to control your emotions. In this stage, it's not uncommon for frustration to be expressed outwardly toward inanimate objects and sometimes into thin air. Allow it. Rage is a natural reaction to a loss of this magnitude

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After your anger has subsided, you might move into a state of delirious bliss as you entertain fantasies about discovering a loophole in 22nd Amendment, which requires presidents with familial connections to the motherland to serve a mandatory three terms in office. If you can't stop obsessing about joining with the First Family to develop a new civilization on the fringes of society, you're well into the delusional phase of the mourning process. Indulging in irrational fantasies to numb feelings of vulnerability and helplessness might seem silly, but it is a natural part of the process of letting go. Enjoy your little make-believe world while it lasts

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After you pipe down to reality, then comes the epic meltdown. You might feel hopelessly overwhelmed with feelings of sadness, despair and defeat as you face the reality that by this time next year, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will likely be our new president. Go ahead buddy, get it all out

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In time, we all must accept the fact that our modern day Camelot is coming to an end. As you begin to make peace with the reality of the Obama's impending departure from the White House, it's important to understand that acceptance is not to be mistaken for happiness. You're going to experience some very somber moments between now and November. Take it easy on yourself. Mourning the loss of an 8-year relationship is going to take some time

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As the moment draws nearer for the Obama's to bid farewell to the White House, expect to revisit these stages several times. No one said it would be easy, but we owe it to ourselves to stay engaged and get out to vote to preserve the progress of the Obama legacy

We love you too, Mr. President
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