The Internet was once again in a frenzy over Kanye West who debuted the third collection of his fashion line Yeezy, and a first listen of his anticipated album ‘The Life of Pablo’,  live on TIDAL from Madison Square Garden. With muted colors and earthy tones the clothing line appeared to be inspired by the film, ‘The Matrix: Reloaded’ and was modeled by a few familiar faces. One that stood out among the rest was Young Thug who didn’t appear too thrilled to be a part of the Yeezus festivities.

In the true order of things, Twitter offered their commentary to Young Thug’s melancholy demeanor.

1. When you thought you only had to be on camera for one shot but, they had you on stage for over an hour

2. When you couldn’t even get a date with one of the models you’re in the show with

3. When you’re trying to figure out who to fire for signing you up to be a model

4. When your manager said you could leave twenty minutes ago but Kanye plays the album again…

5. When you know beauty is in the eye of the beholder

6. When you’re still hungover from the studio session the night before and then…

7. When you could’ve had Amber Rose on the track and called her #TwoFingers…

8. When sitting with Jesus is a price too high to pay to watch Bey perform…

9. When you hit the blunt too hard before the show

10. When you’re only here to collect your check but, after sitting under that tarp for two hours, you’re completely over it…

11. When they say you must wait until the arena is cleared before you can go home

It can’t be all that bad since Young Thug is a featured artist on The Life of Pablo. Nonetheless, we were highly entertained by the entire Yeezy presentation. If you watched the show, what are your thoughts?

Photo: theurbandaily
Photo: theurbandaily

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