Is YouTube the new cable TV? Well, no. But it's an analogy I like.

I think of YouTube as almost like a cable TV provider (in my case, in Brooklyn NYC, Cablevision; Time Warner for others). And each of the seemingly endless number of YouTube channels are the equivalent of the networks that come with your cable TV subscription.

And within each network channel, are a host of programs for you to watch, each tailored to suit the network's target audience.

The big difference is that, with YouTube as your *provider,* your monthly fee is what you pay your broadband internet service provider. And obviously, there are the ads that play before most videos.

If you can think of a better analogy, feel free to share.

I subscribe to a few YouTube channels; but I can't say that I watch any of the content/programs they air, with any regularity, as I would with a weekly serial on a cable TV network like say Showtime.

How about you? 

I ask because I only just started following Deadline's weekly YouTube channel ratings/rankings, based on weekly views, and realized that, looking at lasty week's top 104 channels, I can identify only about 5 or 6 of them that I subscribe to: Machinima Prime, YOMYOMF, iamOTHER, WSJ Digital Network, TED, and Reuters TV

Most of the channels on the list I haven't even heard of. And there are lots more that aren't on the list. For example, channels you'll be familiar with like Black & Sexy TV and Issa Rae – each with their own programming, some of which we've shared here. 

But really, this is as easy as it gets for content creators interested in the idea of running your own TV network. It's not exactly the same thing; but you can play President and Head of Programming for "Insert Your YouTube Channel Name Here" and create an digital space accessible to almost anyone, anywhere in the world. Of course, it starts with the content, and being able to attract audiences to that content.

Anyway… just thought I'd alert you to this weekly YouTube channel rankings list, where you might discover some channels you weren't aware existed; or might just want to check some of them out, and see what they offer. Or just to see what others are watching en masse.

Are you a subscriber to any YouTube channels, big or small? And if so, which ones should others be watching? Or are you an owner of a YouTube channel? If so, tell us about it…

Also worth noting is THIS report (released this morning) on the drop in network TV ratings, as audiences are fleeing to, who knows were. One can only guess that the Internet is of some influence.

Here are the top 20 for last week; to see the full list of 104 rankings, click HERE.