Zendaya Offers Modeling Gig To Aspiring Plus-Sized Model After She Was Body-Shamed On Twitter

Looks like social media isn't all bad after all.

Photo Credit: Photo: Twitter

| January 31 2017,

10:58 pm

Twitter is a crazy place. It has everything — we go there to get our news, talk to our friends and learn about what just popped into the president’s head. It’d be great, if it weren’t for the trolls.

Thankfully, we have people like actress, model, singer and Spider-Man star Zendaya to slay for us in under 140 characters.

When a deeply unpleasant individual took it upon himself to body shame a fellow Twitter user, Zendaya called him out on his foolishness.

Photo: Twitter

And didn’t stop there. She had her followers track down the woman who the troll targeted, and offered her a modeling contract.

Photo: Twitter

The woman, who Zendaya described as being “fine as hell head to toe,” is now set to be one of the faces of Daya by Zendaya.

Photo: Twitter

As we’re out there tweeting, let’s remember Zendaya’s example. Even if we don’t have modeling contracts to offer, you and I can speak up and help out those being attacked by disgusting trolls.