We are working on his documentary, which should be out in the fall. I am producing the documentary and Kevin McDonald will direct it. People are going to have not only the connection that you have now with the Bob Marley legend, but it will also show the emotional side of our father. The emotion of Bob throughout his life experiences is a pretty pertinent thing. It is not just about his music.

Words spoken by Ziggy Marley, son of Bob Marley, in a recent interview with Us Weekly magazine.

Good to know that the Kevin McDonald doc, which has been stuck in development hell since 2008, and has changed hands thrice since then, is still in motion, and is expected this year. As you may recall my lengthy look at Bob Marley projects announced over the years (HERE), it was first a Martin Scorsese project, then, after a year or so, Jonathan Demme stepped in to replace him, and then last year, McDonald took over for Demme, who left after creative differences with the film’s producers.