The saga continues. Tammy Slaton of 1000-Lb. Sisters recently found herself in some drama involving her ex- boyfriend, Phillip Redmond, and the mother of Redmond’s children. However, that is not where the saga ends. Slaton shared that the recent split between she and Edmond was so hostile that she had to file a restraining order.

Phillip was Slaton’s love interest (and health nemesis in the eyes of her sister, Amy). Slaton shared with Amy that she and Phillip had split, citing her insecurities as being a main issue of the relationship ending. Slaton continued saying that Phillip had called her at least 20 times in one hour and that he was upset because she posted a photo with another man on social media.

Slaton has a history of dating enabling men that are involved with other women.

Slaton has a history of dating enabling men that are involved with other women. In season 2 , Slaton dated Jerry Sykes who was married and encouraged Slaton’s poor health. This season she introduced fans to Phillip, who appeared to be with his children’s mother judging from her recent claim of events.

Known as BBWKing on social media, Phillip has been accused by Slaton’s siblings Amy and Chris enabling Slaton.

His content on social media and alleged affinity for women 350 pounds or more suggested he would be an enabler as well. Slaton also appeared to be preoccupied with Phillip after the split. Then, add his children mother’s claims, and fans aren’t buying the “ex that can’t leave me alone” story.

However, fans aren’t buying the restraining order storyline

In a Reddit thread, fans sounded off on what Slaton was saying on the show.

“I don’t believe she went through the process of getting [a restraining order] on BBWKing,” wrote a Reddit user. A fan jokingly asserted, “[Tammy] couldn’t take her a** to the police station/courthouse to file a restraining order.” Another added, “I think it was her harassing him.”


Someone on Twitter wrote, "Tammy used that Phillip “harassing” her situation as a excuse Chile."

Another person said, "Who brought her to the police station to put the restraining order on Phillip ? Did Amy see the police at Tammy's house ? The family need to stop blaming that man. She wasn't happy until they said about going to eat."

Someone else said, "Im sorry I don’t believe Phillip is threatening Tammy."

1000-Lb. Sisters airs weekly on TLC.