It appears Nurse Tisa has gone missing and 1000-Lb. Sisters hasn’t directly addressed her absence.

We were introduced to Tisa when Tammy’s sister Amy and her brother Chris decided that it would be in the best interest of Tammy to receive assistance from someone other than Amy, who recently gave birth to a baby boy and could no longer look after Tammy in the manner needed.

Fans and viewers alike appreciated Tisa’s no-nonsense, tough love she gave Tammy, including how she required her to walk and not be so dependent on the wheelchair. It was a breath of fresh air considering the only individual that attempted to be tough on Tammy was Chris, and even then, he would cave in.

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Just as viewers began to appreciate Tisa, she disappeared from the show. Now fans on Reddit are questioning where she went.

“So is she gone?” a user on Reddit asked in a thread. “Will the show address it? I wonder if she’s the nurse Tammy allegedly assaulted and so they’re keeping it quiet on show.”

Another user offered their theory. “I have a theory on that too. The nurse she smacked was in a facility. I believe that is the real reason she needed to be picked up from the rehab before she hit her goal, and they cleaned up the story for the show, and had one person from the facility appear with her to go along with their story. $$$”

Amid the questions and rumors, TV Shows Ace exclusively reported that Tisa is reportedly no longer Tammy’s nurse.

Their report reads:

Tv Shows Ace has spoken to multiple individuals connected to Tammy Slaton, Amy Halterman, Jerry Sykes, and Phillip Redmond…After heavy vetting to confirm our source is who they say they are, our anonymous source proceeded to reveal the truth on Tammy Slaton and Nurse Tisa. According to our source, fans haven’t seen any more of Nurse Tisa because she quit. During the episodes, fans see Tammy having restraint as she tells the producer she was just trying not to cuss Tisa out. Our source says what is seen on TV is just a fraction of how horribly Tammy treated Tisa. Tammy Slaton’s attitude and constantly cussing the home health aide out drove her to quit.”

However, it wasn’t just Tammy. Amy apparently also had an issue with Tisa and believed she wasn’t pushing Tisa enough, which is interesting because many fans though Tisa is what Tammy needed.

Still, Tisa reportedly said that she couldn’t help someone who didn’t want to be helped.

“Tisa quit because she got tired of the verbal harassment and abuse from Tammy and TLC wasn’t doing anything about it,” the source told Tv Shows Ace.

Watch a clip of Tammy and Tisa below: