1000- lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton has been going through it this season. While it’s very apparent she is obviously loved, it’s also clear those around her are often easily manipulated and fold in whenever they try to administer tough love and set boundaries for Tammy, especially her brother Chris.

However, there is a new sheriff in town and she isn’t taking any mess or manipulation tactics from Tammy. After Amy had bariatric surgery and gave birth, she hasn’t been able to prioritize caring for Tammy who is very demanding especially after contracting COVID-19. In an effort to help Tammy receive the care she needs, Amy and Chris found nurse Tisa and she is already winning fans over.

Viewers were not sure if Tisa had what it took to care for a demanding Tammy.

After all, Chris would cave in after setting parameters. However, Tisaappears to be what Tammy needs. In a recent episode, Tisa doesn’t accept Tammy’s excuses and forces her to take a few steps. Tammy is known for refusing to walk. After a day at the pool, Tisa struggled to push Tammy to the car. Visibly frustrated, she demanded Tammy take a few steps. Tammy reluctantly walked, which prompted Tisa to verbally lay into Tammy and her wheelchair dependence.

This verbal lashing caused Tisa to gain viewers’ adoration.

Online viewers commented their praises with one stating on Reddit, “Round of applause for Tisa!… I mean she cussed Tammy’s a** all the way out… AS SHE SHOULD!”

As reported by ScreenRant, another added, “[Tisa’s] not going to fall for Tammy’s manipulation tactics. She’s not going to fall for her excuses.”

One viewer compared Tisa and Chris stating, Chris tries to be tough but Tisa actually executes.”

Watch a clip below: