This Saturday, the 48 Hours special, Katrina Brownlee: The Good Cop, will air on CBS and stream on Paramount+. 

The true-crime special will feature Brownlee, in her first interview, as she shares her emotional story of being shot by an abusive ex-fiancé, then pleading for help from the police, who she says ignored her, and how she used that experience to become a top police officer.

Anchored by 'CBS Saturday Morning' host Michelle Miller, 'Katrina Brownlee: The Good Cop' will see the police officer open up about the abuse she says she suffered, how she was met "the so-called blue wall of silence, her fight for survival, and her vow to be a good cop."

At 22, Brownlee endured abuse at the hands of Alex Irvin, her former fiance who was a New York City correction officer. She says that every time she called the police after he abused her, they would leave without taking action.

“My story starts from a very dark place, and it becomes a story of grace, a story of love and a story of hope,” she says during the episode. Every time he flashed that badge, they would walk away,” she said.


In 1993, Irvin shot Brownlee  a total of ten times at his home.

Brownlee survived her ordeal, which she says was the catalyst that prompted her to change the system that let her down and join the ranks as a police officer

“I wanted to become a good cop,” she tells Miller.

“There’s a difference?” Miller asks during the interview.

“Yeah,” Brownlee says. “A good cop has empathy, a good cop cares about people that they have to protect and have to serve.”

Watch a preview of the episode below: