Andrew Shue is making headlines, but not because of his skilled acting or philanthropic efforts. His soon-to-be ex-wife and GMA co-anchor Amy Robach is reportedly having an affair with her fellow GMA co-anchor T.J. Holmes.

The Daily Mail broke the news about the alleged affair after obtaining photographs of the duo looking very comfortable in an upstate New York bar. 

An unnamed source told Entertainment Tonight that the two journalists had “recently grown even closer due to their cohosting GMA3, and traveling for special remote assignments, like going to London for the Queen’s funeral,” they said. “The two have a special bond that has been evident to staff for years, so it’s not surprising a relationship has formed, but it is shocking that it has come to light in this way.”

Reports indicate that the two had allegedly been involved in a secret relationship for several months prior to the public revelation, although neither has yet to comment on the matter. 

Who is ‘GMA’ News Anchor Amy Robach? 

Amy Robach is a television journalist for ABC News. She also acts as co-anchor for the TV news magazine 20/20, as well as serves as the breaking news anchor, and stand-in anchor, for Good Morning America.

Prior to her time with ABC News, she was a national correspondent for NBC News, where she also served as weekend co-host of its popular morning show, Today. Throughout her career, she has reported from around the world on a range of issues including sex trafficking, terrorism, American politics, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

5 Things To Know About Andrew Shue, The Husband of ‘GMA’ Anchor Amy Robach

Following the news outbreak, Andrew Shue has removed pictures of Robach from his social media accounts. And now, reports indicate that the two are in the process of divorcing after 12 years of marriage. To learn more about her soon-to-be ex-husband, here are five facts about Andrew Shue, the famous husband of GMA news anchor Amy Robach:

1. Andrew Shue Co-founded a Safe Space for Mothers

Following the birth of his sons, Shue noticed how important it was for his wife to have other motherly figures to rely on for advice and support. So recognizing a need for a safe space where mothers could communicate, he and his childhood friend filled that gap by co-founding CafeMom in 2006.

Today, CafeMom is an online destination for moms everywhere, providing a supportive and inspiring community as well as invaluable resources to help them navigate motherhood.

With forums, articles, and videos offering advice on pregnancy, parenting, health, finance, beauty, and more, CafeMom has become invaluable for those looking to connect with other Moms and Moms-to-be.

2. He Supported Robach Through Her Cancer Diagnosis

A cancer diagnosis is a serious matter. So when Amy Robach was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, it took a toll on her marriage to Andrew Shue.

In a 2015 interview with People, Robach explains how her diagnosis affected their relationship for “several months.”

She reveals that the pair “threw everything up in the air” during their rough patch. Eventually, they would seek couples counseling to repair their relationship.

“We’d gone to couples therapy. Oh my gosh. Several times at different points in our marriage and we’re not shy to say that that has been a huge part in our success as a couple that we work at it and we get help when we need it.”

Still, her husband supported her through it all. And she would later enter remission following a bilateral mastectomy and several months of chemotherapy. Since then, Robach has been cancer free.

3. He Played Billy in 'Melrose Place'

Melrose Place is a classic 90s soap opera that followed the lives of seven 20-something friends living together in an apartment complex. From breakups and makeups to career changes, each episode brought new drama for viewers to enjoy. The spinoff of Beverly Hills, 90210 was so popular that it ran for eight seasons from 1992 to 1999 and even spawned a successful sequel series in 2009.

Fans of the series may recognize Andrew Shue as Billy Campbell, the ambitious, yet naive lawyer on the popular TV show. Billy was known for getting into shenanigans with his best friend and fellow lawyer Jake Hanson, trying to win the affections of his lovely neighbor Alison Parker, and finding himself in trouble with powerful business magnates like Peter Burns.

His charm and idealism made him a favorite among viewers and his mistakes often ended up creating fun episodes. Billy was always trying to get ahead and make the best of any situation, which certainly made for an entertaining show! Whether he was standing up for the little guy or helping out his friends in need, Billy showed viewers how to be kind, determined, and stay true to their beliefs.

4. His Sister is a Famous Actress

Andrew Shue is a skilled actor, but he may have learned a thing or two from his big sister, renowned actress Elisabeth Shue.

Elisabeth Shue is an American actress who has been in the public eye since the 1980s. She has starred in a number of films, such as Adventures in BabysittingThe Karate Kid, and Leaving Las Vegas. Throughout her career she has often played strong female characters and nurtured younger performers while mentoring them in their craft.

Because of her work on and off camera, she is highly respected in the industry and has received numerous accolades over the course of her career, including an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress in a Leading Role for Leaving Las Vegas. Her passion for acting continues to inspire new generations of filmmakers and actors.

5. He Created a Children's Book

Andrew Shue and Amy Robach were a modern day Brady Bunch. Shue is a father of three sons from a previous relationship, while Robach shares two daughters with her ex-husband. 

Together, they created a book for children, inspired by their family journey.

Better Together! follows a family of squirrels who flee for cover in the hollow of an oak tree after a mighty thunderstorm destroys their woodland home. But they soon realize that a family of chipmunks, the McMunk family, have the exact same idea. 

To survive, the Squirrellys and McMunks must learn to live together. To make matters worse, the families are VERY different.

But after a bit of trial and error, the two families learn the importance of compromise. Thus the Squirrellys and McMunks come to realize that they are all better together.

The story teaches children and adults the power of compromise, and especially respecting others, no matter how different they are.