The second season of Oxygen‘s 911 Crisis Center returns next month and we have an exclusive sneak peek clip ahead of the premiere episode.

911 Crisis Center makes its return to Chagrin Valley Dispatch in Ohio where cameras document what first responders hear on the phone over the course of a 12-hour shift. The series “takes viewers inside the call center and brings them along to experience the fast-paced action where dispatchers and supervisors skillfully navigate life-threatening situations.”

Season 2 of 911 Crisis Center debuts Saturday, September 3 at 9:30pm ET/PT with two back-to-back intense episodes.

Check out the intense sneak peek clip below:

Learn details about the premiere and season below:

Season two begins with the episode “Mama Bear to Grizzly Bear,” in which supervisor Charline Polk, “the Mama Bear of Chagrin Valley Dispatch, takes a 911 call from a concerned grandfather looking for his missing 2-week-old grandchild. Charline and the team combine forces to unravel the mystery.”

In the second episode, “Matt on the Move,” Matt Reinke “has learned the ins and outs of dispatching and is ready for the next step. Before he decides to apply for supervisor, however, he must help a young girl threatened with a knife and a panicked caller with a baby struggling to breathe.”

Here's the season's official description:

Throughout the season, episodes will feature dispatchers and supervisors calmly taking charge, extracting information to relay to law enforcement and first responders, all the while helping confused and frightened callers on the other end of the line. Viewers will see the team tested as a couple is heard screaming over an open line; when a welfare check spirals into a pursuit; when a caller must be coached into performing CPR before it’s too late; and a neighbor who pulls a gun on a caller and her family. The season includes many impactful stories driven by the dispatchers and supervisors who are largely unseen in the community, yet make a huge impact.

From Warner Brothers Unscripted Television, the series is produced by Shed Media in association with Green Lakes Productions. Dan Peirson, Lisa Shannon, Adam Kassen, Dena Waxman and Shannon O’Rourke executive produce.