Family Matters co-stars Kellie Shanygne Williams and Jo Marie Payton are reuniting for an upcoming holiday film that is set to be a family affair.

The two women are starring in Vision Films, Inc.’s family Christmas feature, A Family Matters Christmas (fka Merry Little Switchmas).

The film is set to be released on November 8. Though it is titled A Family Matters Christmas, it is unrelated to the classic sitcom.

Here's an official description:

Christmas is anything but ordinary when three bickering siblings from a newly blended household cannot see eye-to-eye. 10-year-old science wiz Aiden calls upon “Alternis,” the forgotten Christmas spirit, who zaps the three siblings causing each of them to experience life in the other’s shoes. Now, Aiden, Emily, and Brandon race against time to switch back before Christmas. This fun-loving tale shows the importance of teamwork and compassion.

The holiday film is a family affair.

Not only does this film reunite Payton and Williams, who starred together as Harriet and Laura Winslow respectively on the hit 90s sitcom Family Matters, it also features a few of Williams’ real-life family members including her daughter Hannah Belle Jackson who plays “Hailey” and her nephew Julius Terry as “Jaxx.”

Williams’ parents, Peggy and Ervin Williams, are also the principals behind the film’s production company Dream Merchant Media.

The cast also includes:

Melan Perez (Gaslight), Xavier Alvarado (Deception), Cheyenne Cummings (Six Hearts One Beat), Chase Drewery (Netflix Dreams), Randy Vince III, Tamieka Chavis (Forgettable Life of Liam White), Mark McKinnon (We Own This City), Stephen Fisher (Christmas In Carolina), Cade Burton, Tommi Baker (The Advocate), and Christian Goins.

'A Family Matters Christmas' is a "special" holiday film.

Lise Romanoff, Managing Director/CEO of Vision Films says, “A labor of love, both behind and on-screen, makes this a delightful and special holiday film for the entire family. The three generations involved and reuniting some favorites from TV history make it that much more meaningful. It is a film that everyone needs heading into the holidays this year!”

Kellie Shanygne Williams shared:

“Working with JoMarie again is such a pleasure, and I could not wait to rekindle the spark and warmth that millions have come to love.”

Writer Peggy Williams adds:

“When I was writing the story, I realized that the story mirrored my life, and through those life experiences, I’ve learned love, understanding, and forgiveness always win.”

Executive Producer Ervin Williams said, “I feel really good about this movie because the story is so relatable. It is like art imitating life; this story could be about any household anywhere.”

Check out the poster below:

The film will be released on Nov. 8.

Watch the trailer: