It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt in episode 4 of Boomerang
It’s all fun and games until somebody gets punched in the face.  Season 1 Episode 4 of Boomerang Photo Courtesy BET Networks

It was Ladies Night on Boomerang’s fourth episode which found Simone (Tetona Jackson) and her girls hustling to get Tay Tay (Dreezy) out of prison. Along the way, the audience learned new information about each of them. Bryson (Tequan Richmond) did not make an appearance at all in the episode, giving the audience time to really get to know more about the women characters, all of whom promise to be layered, complex, and interesting. Boomerang isn’t automatically giving all the air (and agency) in the room to the men, and we’re here for it!

As the episode opened, Simone sat staring at a picture of Tia (Lala Milan) on Instagram. We know she’s managing Tia’s publicity and all but was there something else there as well? Hmm… Simone soon gets a surprise phone call from her lilac-haired god-sister Tay Tay. It seems that Nancy the Neighbor called the cops on Tay Tay as she was having a drunken argument with a man named Devante and she has landed in jail. Of course, Simone is annoyed as hell but isn’t about to let her god-sister stay in jail.

Simone runs to Tia’s room to get her help. She pretty much rudely barges in and gets an eyeful. Tia is getting busy with her new boo, Rocky (Kim Alex Hall). They are reeeaaallly annoyed but also agree to help out. It seems only Rocky has a car that’s working so she’s the one who has to give them a ride to go get Tay Tay. To say Rocky’s car is working though- ends up being an overstatement. Rocky’s car looks to be at least twenty years old. As Crystal (Brittany Inge) comments when they go to pick her up, it’s a “Raggedy ass, rickety ass, trash ass mobile!” Sadly, the audience can’t help but nod its head in agreement. Good friend that Crystal is though, she joins them and they are off on their journey to jail in the boxy, blue hoopty with a garbage bag for a window and all!

No one is surprised when halfway through the trip, the “struggle car” breaks down- as does the mood when Simone and Rocky start going at it. Rocky thinks Simone is turning Tia into an “Instathot.” Tia, stuck in the middle, tries her best to make peace but it looks like this tension between Rocky and Simone ain’t going away for good!

Simone then went and embarrassed Crystal, revealing to everyone how ignorant she is about Black film. Simone admitted to everyone in the car that she has never seen Poetic Justice or The Wood. She is thisclose to getting thrown out of the moving car by her horrified friends until she convinces them she has managed to see The Five Heartbeats. Whew!

When they finally get to the jail, Tay Tay is nowhere to be found! Frantic, Simone racks her brain trying to figure out what could have happened to her friend/god-sister. Sending a million texts, don’t work. In desperation, she goes on Instagram and it’s a good thing she does. There, in all her trifling glory is Tay Tay turnin up at somebody’s house party! Not a care in the world! Livid, Simone promptly goes to the party and confronts Tay Tay about her thoughtless and irresponsible behavior. She reminds Tay Tay it is absolutely no joke for Black folks to unnecessarily get involved with law enforcement (though it was a Becky next door who overreacted and called the cops) and further, she should have let people know where she was when she got out. In this moment, we see how deeply Simone cares for her simple-minded little god-sister. Tay Tay sobers up real quick at that point.

They eventually make up over a smoke break on the porch and Tay Tay apologizes. She also listens as Simone admits how guilty she feels about the fact that Crystal is divorced. She knew at the wedding that Crystal wasn’t ready to get married, but did not say anything. Tay Tay encourages Simone to talk to Crystal about how she feels.

Brittany Inge as Crystal, Boomerang Photo Courtesy BET Networks
Brittany Inge as young divorcee Crystal, Boomerang Photo Courtesy BET Networks

Simone takes the advice, going back into the party to find Crystal only to discover that Crystal has found herself a tall, dark, handsome distraction named wait for it… Kunta! It does get better though. Kunta seems to be a really nice guy who is into Crystal and he doesn’t judge her when she reveals that she is a young divorcee, having gotten married straight out of college. It is obvious that Crystal is judging herself for this decision though, which could spell trouble down the road. She and Kunta share a sweet kiss although it doesn’t seem as if they exchanged numbers. Hope he and Tay Tay are mutuals so Crystal can get in touch with him later!

Speaking of Tay Tay, she and Devante get into another heated argument at the party which ends with her accusing him of sending her to the store “for Sour Patch Kids and Salt n Vinegar Chips” so he could flirt with other chicks. He gives some wack response and follows her as she rushes out of the house.

Meanwhile, Tia and Rocky get into a competitive game of Spades. It’s the women against the men. Tia warns them she is about to whip their butts, admitting she honed her skills playing “against crackheads.” We almost (almost) feel sorry for the guys until they start referring to women as “females.” Tia and Rocky beat them just as Tay Tay storms through on her way out. They follow her and Devante follows them. He inevitably says the wrong thing and gets punched in the face by Rocky. Radio silence from Devante after that!

The ladies get in the car and start making their way back home. Finally Simone gets to have that heart to heart with Crystal and tell her how sorry she is about Crystal’s divorce and that she didn’t say anything when she had the chance. Crystal reassures Simone that the only thing she regrets about the wedding was the DJ. “What kind of DJ don’t know to play ‘Before I let Go’ at a Black wedding?” she wonders. Indeed.