Michole Briana White - "The Strange Eyes of Dr. Myes" Poland PosterWe featured the fundraising campaign for this project a couple of years ago, in early 2013 – one whose description really intrigued. It did eventually surpass its goal, raising over $46,000, and, earlier this year, it made its world premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) as part of the "Signals: What the F?!"-themed section.

Titled "The Strange Eyes of Dr. Myes," from writer/director Nancy Andrews (her feature debut),.the filmmaker describes it as an "original indy, musical, animation, schlock-opera, science-fiction, micro-budget, alternative dramatic feature film."

Rotterdam called a "cinematographic marriage between ‘mad-scientist’ Hollywood dramas from the 1930s, and juicy B-films from the 1960s – with an eccentric strong female scientist as protagonist, for a change." And, given this blog’s specific interests, I’ll add that this "eccentric strong female scientist as protagonist" also happens to be black… for a change.

The film stars Michole Briana White, an actress who’s been around for a while, but who we just don’t get to see quite enough of, given her talent. You might remember her from her work on TV ("100 Centre Street," "Reed Between the Lines") and in Film, co-starring role in Ava DuVernay’s "I Will Follow," and can currently be seen in the Viola Davis/Jennifer Lopez action/drama "Lila & Eve." 

Here’s a brief synopsis for "The Strange Eyes of Dr. Myes": After a near-death experience, Dr. Myes, researcher in the science of perception, attempts to graft animal senses to the brain in order to revolutionize human consciousness. She must face the consequences when she uses her own body and mind as a research tool and transforms herself into a creature with super-senses."

Michole Briana White of course stars as Dr. Myes, in a project that promises something quite fantastical, and I’m looking forward to the challenge that I’m expecting will be the experience of watching it.

The film recently screened in Poland at the New Horizons Film Festival in Wroclaw, which the filmmaker was present for. And she shared the above poster which is being used to advertise the film in Poland. And I obviously thought it was peculiarly cool enough to share here, but I also wanted to update you on the film’s whereabouts. No USA playdates yet, but when I know more, so will you.

If you missed it, check out the first trailer for "The Strange Eyes of Dr. Myes" embedded below: