Abbott Elementary has earned a rare 22-episode, full-season order from ABC.

As reported by Deadline, the move was partially discussed by creator, writer and star Quinta Brunson at Abbott Elementary‘s Comic-Con panel this week.

The series became a huge hit during its first season, gaining a second season order in March.

However, no one knew how long the second season would be; the first season was only 13 episodes. But Abbott Elementary proved it was ready for a full season order.

Deadline writes that broadcast business rules state that for midseason shows, second season orders generally start at 13 episodes and are later bumped up to a back order of shows to bring the final season to 22 episodes. But that back order is only if the first 13 episodes rake in the ratings.

However, ABC immediately ordered 22 episodes at the outset in June.

Sources claimed that ABC’s plan was always to give the show a full second season order and wasn’t influenced by Brunson’s history-making Emmy nominations, as well as the other nominations earned by other members of the cast–Sheryl Lee Ralph, Janelle James and Tyler James Williams–and the series as a whole.


The series also recently made headlines for some more good news; recurring actor William Stanford Davis, who plays janitor Mr. Johnson, has become a series regular.

The mockumentary-style comedy focuses on a group of teachers in a Philadelphia-area elementary school trying to make learning fun for their students amid poor leadership and tough bureaucracy.

According to the description:

[A] group of dedicated, passionate teachers — and a slightly tone-deaf principal — are brought together in a Philadelphia public school where, despite the odds stacked against them, they are determined to help their students succeed in life. Though these incredible educators may be outnumbered and underfunded, they love what they do — even if they don’t love the school district’s less-than-stellar attitude toward educating children.