After news broke yesterday about Oprah Winfrey’s supposed talks to host the 84th Annual Academy Awards, rumors surfaced everywhere about the potential details. My personal favorite was the suspicion that Ms. Winfrey might take to the stage and proclaim to the entire audience, “You get an Oscar, and you get and Oscar, and you get an Oscar!”

But today the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences confirms that it simply isn’t true.

Academy president Tom Sherak told THR, “The camera loves Oprah. Oprah’s a genius. But it’s not true, and I don’t know where that story even came from.”

Regarding the process of choosing a host, he went on to explain, “You have to remember how it works. First, I have to hire a producer, and then the producer comes to the Academy with suggestions for the host. So how could we have a host without a producer?”

Sherak hopes to secure a producer within the month, in time to present his choice at the Academy’s next board of governors meeting Aug. 2.

Should Oprah devotees consider this a letdown? Perhaps not, since if Ms. Winfrey wasn’t a potential host before, the absolute frenzy surrounding yesterday’s story may be enough to convince the powers that be to put her into the running.