It’s the moment that All My Children fans have been waiting for!

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Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams are reunited, but this time they aren’t the beloved Angie and Jesse that everyone fell in love with during the classic soap opera reign. The pair will appear on-screen together in this week’s episode of Our Kind Of People.

It’s also a reunion all the way around, as series lead Yaya DaCosta played Angie and Jesse’s adoptive daughter, Cassandra Foster, on the show in 2008.

Morgan, who portrays Aunt Piggy on Our Kind of People, can’t wait for fans to see the epic reunion.

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As the voice of wisdom for her family, Aunt Piggy is an accurate description of the roles that an auntie plays within the Black family. 

For Morgan, the role is a dream come true.

“I’ve always wanted to play a dramatic character, who also brought humor and that’s exactly what Piggy does,” Morgan said in a recent interview with Shadow and Act. “I think that aunts have always held such a strong figure in the family, down to their nieces and nephews, you’re able to come to them to help you through so many situations.”

She brings a little bit of her own interactions with her aunts to her character Aunt Piggy.

“In my eyes, [aunts] are also hysterically funny. Sometimes I would come to mine to get their thoughts on something or maybe I would be upset about something and would end up falling out on the floor laughing because of the way that they would express themselves to me. They’re almost like a second mother, at least I know that’s what my aunts were to me.

Being a force in television for Black women to see themselves reflected isn’t anything new for Morgan.

She reflects on how it took her one defining moment to realize how much of an impact that she and Williams had during their soap opera reign.

During an impromptu trip to see a movie, she and Williams were met with a crowd who was head over heels for their characters. The two ended up in a high speed chase on foot to get away and she shares that it was then that the two realized the effect it had on others to watch them on-air.

“That was the first time we ever had any realization as to how our characters were being viewed by the country,” recalled Morgan. “We had no idea because we were always working and it was from that moment that we realized just how major these two characters were, just how much people invested in their story and their journey together and again, we were the first Black super couple on television.”

“I was just beyond thrilled and excited to be united with Darnell again,” she told us.

“Our bond and friendship has remained as close as ever even though we’re no longer working together and don’t get to see each other as often.”

The two were considered television’s first Black supercouple in daytime television for their roles in All My Children and the beyond has remained the same ever since with Morgan sharing that it was her TV husband who actually gave her away to her real husband during her marriage.

“He’s family to me, I mean he actually gave me away when I got married,” Morgan chuckled. 

Check out an exclusive clip of the episode before it airs Tuesday night at 9 p.m. on Fox:

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