I missed this in my previous “To See This Weekend” post earlier today… last we checked, it was scheduled to open in a limited release beginning April 29th. But I don’t think that ever happened. I say that because I just got info stating that it’s actually in theaters TODAY, May 20th, still in a limited release.

I did some quick checking around and saw that it is playing, starting today, here in New York City, at the AMC in Times Square, and the AMC in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Anybody happen to be at either theater today and notice it, or even possibly buy a ticket to see it?

A lot of you guys pretty much trashed the trailer when we posted it on the old site, if I recall correctly. Regardless, I actually might check it out before it leaves, if only to review on this site.

Actor/director Ty Hodges (Miles From Home) helmed the reportedly $5 million project, which stars Meagan Good who plays Lori Walker as she enters the world of music videos and faces tough decisions as she gains fame. The cast includes Ruby Dee, Haylie Duff, Lisa Raye, Adam Senn, Hoobastank, Angie Martinez, and Good’s sister La’Myia Good.

Video Girl is the second film Good’s produced and starred in. She’s doing her own thing, right? Instead of sitting around waiting for others to assist.

There’s really been zero marketing for this. I haven’t even seen any activity on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook; nor have I noticed the film’s star, who I follow on Twitter, mention it. So how the heck will anyone know it exists. *Shrug*

Anyway… the film is in select theaters right now, so if you’re interested, or just curious, and it’s playing at a theater near you, check it out and let us know what you think of it.

See the trailer for Video Girl below: