From Grace Franklin to Tyler Hagins, season 20 of American Idol has already seen its fair share of memorable auditions in the first few episodes. Now, the long-running music competition series can add contestant Tyler Allen to the list of memorable auditions.

“The song that I’m going to sing today is the song I used to sing to him all the time when I would rock him to sleep,” Allen told the judges, with Perry reacting with sorrow.

The Alabama native revealed that both his 1-year old nephew, Noah, and his sister were killed in a car crash.

Allen then went on to deliver a soul-stirring rendition of Whitney Houston’s “Love Eternal”

It’s been hard for my family to get through, but singing is my way of healing. So when I got the chance to come, I said what better way to honor him than to sing the song by Whitney Houston,” he shared.

The performance not only blew the judges away, but moved Katy Perry to tears.

“Katy is an absolute wreck,” said judge Luke Bryan after Allen completed his performance.

Watch Tyler Allen’s American Idol audition below.

Watch Allen's audition below: