Some not-too exciting photos (above and below) from the set of Cuba Gooding Jr.'s next project, Something Whispered, set in 1850, which centers on a man named Samuel (Gooding), who attempts to free his family from institutionalized slavery, intent on escaping from the tobacco plantation they have been forced to call their home for two generations.

Heading north towards Canada, via the Underground Railroad), they are tracked by a group of ruthless hired slave hunters.

Cuba has done lots of direct-to-video work in recent years, so I'd guess that this is likely headed down a similar path; although I could be wrong.

Director Peter Cousens' resume is full of lots of TV work, so it could also very well be a made-for-TV movie.

Look for him on the big screen in two upcoming feature films – Robert Rodriguez's Machete Kills and Lee Daniels' The Butler.

Something Whispered is currently being shot in Connecticut.