nullAnalogue Zone is an 18-month-long celluloid film training program (are there any of those left, since everyone’s moving to digital these days?), involving more than 30 filmmakers from Egypt, Greece, and Germany.

Analogue Zone is a series of workshops revolving around filmmaking, using actual film, and providing training on everything from shooting to processing, editing, and finally projecting finished work. 

During the course of the program, participants will see a film through production, using Super 8 and/or 16 mm.

Screenings of the work resulting from the collective workshops will take place sometime in the fall, in Cairo, Athens and Berlin, all host cities of Analogue Zone.

The project is currently open to filmmakers who are preferably already familiar with Super 8 and 16 mm shooting, editing and processing practices.

For more information and to apply, please click HERE and HERE.

I’m sure it’s comforting to some of you to know that there are still folks out there determined to hold on to the older, chemical-based methods of making moving images.