So… the official weekend box office take for Jumping The Broom, according to Box Office Mojo, was $15,215,487.

And of the 41 contest entry comments received (HERE), the person who came the closest to that number without going over, as the contest instructions specified, is Antoine, who guessed $15 million!

One or two other people also guessed $15 million, but they posted their responses after Antoine’s. Remember, one thing I said in the initial post was that there would be just ONE winner, and that you were to look over the list of entries before posting yours, to make sure that no one had already posted your guess.

So, Antoine, the $50 gift certificate is yours. To claim your prize, email me ( from the email address you entered when you posted your comment, and just confirm that you’ve seen this post, and I’ll get that gift cert to you soon thereafter.