Andy Cohen isn’t too proud of how he handled a moment during the second installment of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion.

During the latest episode of Radio Andy on SiriusXM, Cohen shared his regrets surrounding a comment he made after RHOBH star Lisa Rinna confessed to throwing fellow co-star Garcelle Beauvais’ memoir in the trash. After Twitter dragged the television personality for not acknowledging Beauvais’ feelings during the reunion, Cohen issued an apology to the reality star.

Andy Cohen made an insensitive remark after Lisa Rinna confessed to throwing Garcelle Beauvais' memoir in the garbage.

During the RHOBH reunion, Lisa Rinna admitted that she had tossed Beauvais’ memoir in the garbage and created a viral moment on Erika Girardi’s Instagram between seasons.

“I have to be honest: I’m the one that tossed Garcelle’s book in the trash,” Rinna confessed, explaining that she was still angry that Beauvais had brought up the topic of Rinna’s daughter Amelia Hamlin’s eating disorder on the previous season.

Though Beauvais was visibly upset, Rinna said the two women had moved on from the situation.

Adding to the conversation, Andy Cohen asked Rinna “Do you recycle?” before calling the reality star’s social media antics “a disaster.”

Many were upset by Andy Cohen's comment.

After the episode aired, fans took to Twitter to call out Cohen for his “abhorrent behavior” during the reunion.

“Garcelle fighting back tears while they laugh about recycling…? Andy is part of the problem #RHOBHReunion #RHOBH,” one viewer wrote.

“Honestly, the book in the trash – and @Andy’s abhorrent behavior at the reunion – is one big metaphor for how Garcelle is treated on this show. It’s infuriating… and heartbreaking. #RHOBH” another fan tweeted.

“#RHOBH. Andy is not holding these ladies feet to the fire & its annoying af. How we go from Erika & Rinna throwing Garcelle’s book in the trash to “do you guys recycle?”” someone else chimed in.

Cohen "sincerely apologizes" for his comment.

During the latest installment of Radio Andy on SiriusXM, Cohen took a moment to apologize to Garcelle Beauvais for his comment during the RHOBH reunion.

“I need to sincerely apologize,” he said, according to People. “Not only for [my] diverting the topic but for not returning, even worse, to the serious conversation that was at hand.”

After reflecting on the feedback from Twitter, Cohen shared that he and Beauvais “had a really good, productive conversation last Thursday, and I should’ve been more in tune with her feelings. I just want to say that.”

He added, “I’ve been logging in and … I get it.”