Several moments were captured during Sunday’s Academy Awards, and many centered around Angela Bassett. One was her holding hands with Elvis actor Austin Butler. 

The viral clip featured Bassett gripping the actor’s hand as he anxiously sat through his name called among nominees for Best Actor in a Lead Role.

Twitter user @NadineBabu shared a gif of the heartfelt moment.

“Angela Bassett holding Austin Butler’s hand while he’s nervous…is exactly the kind of woman I imagined she was.”


This was the 31-year-old actor’s first time attending the awards. Butler would lose the award to Brendan Fraser for his role in The Whale, but having the icon help him through the moment certainly softened the blow.

Bassett was a nominee in the Best Actress in a Supporting Role category for her role as Queen Ramonda in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. She ultimately lost to Jamie Lee Curtis, who won for her part in Everything Everywhere All At Once.



As the award show progressed, social media struggled to cope with Bassett losing the award. Her initial somber emotion during the announcement didn’t help.

Butler’s award category was later in the show. When viewers saw how Bassett supported Butler despite her upset, it confirmed why she is everyone’s favorite.


More viewers shared their reaction to the 61-year-old actress proving her role as a queen was very fitting.







Although the moment had some viewers in their feelings, some were vocal about their displeasure toward both actors being snubbed.